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Security Services

Stealth Security offer a range of sophisticated security services around Australia and Asia Pacific including Cloud Based CCTV, CCTV Analytics and High End Access Control

Cloud/Hybrid Access Control

A Stealth Security cloud based, hosted access-control solution allows you to enjoy the benefits of electronic access control with the convenience of your web browser.

Manage access permissions in real time, securely and remotely using any web device. Our solution allows you to view a complete access history at any time and be notified immediately of any critical events or breaches. You can also apply group access control rights for any day or time you choose. Verification can be based on name, tag or visual identification from a central monitoring location.

Our fully customisable, hosted access control solutions allow you to remotely control access to all of your facilities, all of which can be networked on the spot. And because the solution is web based there is no software to maintain and very little IT maintenance required.

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Cloud Based CCTV

Cloud based CCTV (VMSAAS – Video Management System as a Service) enables all your video storage and management to be completed inside a private cloud owned and managed by Stealth Security. Plans are charged as a subscription on a month to month basis.

Your solution includes:

  • All links to and from the location to our data centre
  • Appropriate Bandwidth for said cameras
  • All servers and storage
  • All Licensing
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Min 90 Days storage (more can be purchased)

Access Control

The access control systems which Stealth Security offer are from the next generation. They make access control seamless by high level interfaces to HR management systems, so that tracking of cards and entry can all be setup at the start of employment.

Access Control systems allow you to keep track of staff members whereabouts at any point during the day, along with who has been trying to access areas they shouldn’t.

Access Control systems we offer can include features like:

  • Visitor Management
  • Internal HR System integration
  • Emergency lockdown.
  • Biometric readers
  • CCTV integration.
  • Intercom integration.
  • Intruder alarm detection and notification
  • Lift control.
  • Facial recognition
  • Dual keying for high level security sections

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Boom Gate, Lift Security and High Level Interfacing

Stealth security also offer boom gate installation, Lift access/security and High level interfacing to BMS and HR systems as well as between security control Software, along with large network setup.

Boom gates are a growing security item, which provide easy and quick vehicular access in and out of your building or secure location. Choosing the right style of gate and installation can be tricky, however at Stealth Security we make this process easy, whilst fitting it out with the correct access control to allow seamless flow for the secured area.

Lift Security is very important for preventing unauthorised access to a floor within a building. Stealth Security offer a wide range of lift access control systems to meet every need.

With energy efficiency and central control becoming a big part of every business now days, having one system to control your business needs is a must. At Stealth Security we have combined over 25 years of High level interfaces, security software development and coding. We can seamlessly integrate not only all your security systems (eg. Intercoms, access control, CCTV and Lifts) but also integrate your security systems to your BMS and HR Systems.

CCTV (IP and Analog)

Stealth Security use the latest technology in CCTV, which is of a modular form allowing for large expansion. All our systems have the capability of being able to be hooked into other systems eg access control and business management. Which can lower workloads and make time management a lot easier.

Our design team has the knowledge and understanding of coverage of key areas and layout vs costs. Which in turn helps our CCTV packages be great value for money. We also understand mixed security concerns for businesses, eg having analogue cameras in easily accessible places instead of IP so your network cannot be comprised. That being said we employ the latest security standards on mac address filtration and security delegation control.

CCTV Systems we offer can include features like:

  • Motion tracking
  • People counting
  • License plate recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • Data analytics

Be it 2 Cameras or 2000 we have completed projects of all sizes and have the solutions for you, from PTZ’s to industrial marine proof cameras.

Intercoms (IP, Analog and Video)

Intercom systems are a huge part of any business, internal and external systems are an important security link in restricting public access.

Intercom systems allow:
• See who is at your front door or gate before you speak to them or let them in.
• Allow staff to have verbal and visual check before being allowed into secure areas.
• Speak privately to secure rooms and to onsite units and or residents.
• Provide Help points for patrons in not so secure locations
• Provide safety and secure communication access in fire stairs and other exit points.

Building and personal security is hard to manage, however with external intercoms that are all-purpose which incorporate security protocols that prevent intruder access.

On large commercial sites, intercom systems can also double as extremely efficient notification systems for emergency situations, this helps cost savings on PA systems by completing integration between multiple systems.

Perimeter fence protection

Stealth security provide Electric and non-Electric fence/perimeter protection systems. Whilst electric fences are great for jails and other high security facilities, non-electric fences provide a more reliable and traceable alternative. Being able to detect a person who is trying to enter a premises via climbing a fence is a huge benefit in being able to deploy security to that location before the person has time to get inside.

Fence detection systems are today’s perimeter security solutions of choice due to their unique ability to pinpoint perimeter disturbances to within 3 meters and have elimination technology which prevents nuisance alarms from wind rain and vehicle traffic.

Once again these systems fully integrate with existing or newly supplied security systems. Perfect for any environment from data centres to outdoor warehousing facilities.